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A Conversation With Jack Moore
October 7, 1994

Jack Cathey Moore in military during World War II

(Jack C. Moore, was born 15 October 1919, the youngest child in his family. He was the son of John Kenneth Moore and Susan Emma Jenkins.)

"There is an old road bed still in existence that ran through Stanley out by Morris Farm Road down through the field that went over to a ford across Stanley Creek and on over to the Derr Place and then to Five Forks."

When Jack was around 9 or 10 years of age he would take the passenger train from the Stanley Depot and travel to Cherryville to visit his sister, Mary, where he would be met by his sister and her husband, Ernest Helms. He would visit for a few days and return home to Stanley by himself on the train. Jack remembers also, when he was a child, there was another child with the last name of Rabb. Jack, another child, and the Rabb boy were playing around the cemetery when the Rabb boy fell onto the iron fence, which surrounded the cemetery. One of the bars of the fence penetrated the Rabb boy's chin area, coming out through his mouth. He was freed from this predicament and taken to Dr. Taylor, where he was treated and came out of it with no blood poisoning or any ill effects. Later, at around age 18 or so, he unfortunately died of Dyptheria.

Jack remembers when the bank was robbed. He was a young child and most of the family had gone to bed when they heard an explosion. His father realized that it came from the bank, and that the bank was apparently being robbed. He went up to the top porch of their home and fired his gun to get the attention of townspeople.

According to Jack, his father, Kenneth, at one time ran the livery stable which was located on East Chestnut Street. Some time after the turn of the century Kenneth Moore and his wife, Emma, went out to Fredericksburg, Texas to live. Their first child, Mary, was born in Texas. While there, Kenneth was employed as a stagecoach driver and mail carrier. Jack remembers his sister, Mary recalling fond memories when as a child in Texas, she would watch for her father to return home with the stagecoach. Upon seeing him arrive in front of the house she would run, yelling to her mother that papa was home. Her father would then hug her, and pick her up, putting her on one of the horses, and lead her and the horses to the barn. They stayed in Texas three or four years, but felt the urge to return to Stanley and their extended family.

Upon returning to Stanley Kenneth Moore moved his family into their newly purchased house on South Main Street - the house that had previously been built by Robert Carpenter. The house is still in the Moore family in the possession of Kenneth Moore's son, Jack.

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